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SourcePoint Global Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2001. Through our outreach projects, we are dedicated to serving the welfare and upliftment of our local and global community.

SourcePoint Global Outreach offers a variety of humanitarian services. We sponsor our own projects, and we combine our efforts with other international organizations, implementing humanitarian projects to assist those in need around the globe. Please view our present projects for more information.

"Cherishing and caring for others is the source of all happiness. Cherishing ourselves over others, is the source of all suffering and negative conditions."

- Shantideva

- Solar Flashlight Project

There are 2 billion people in developing countries without adequate sources of light. This project of SourcePoint Global Outreach brings some light to the world, providing quality solar-powered flashlights to villages without electricity in developing countries.

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- Naljor Prison Dharma Service

Providing teachings of compassion and nonviolence and a 29-page Resource Directory to men and women in prison throughout the USA.

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- Tibetan Children's Village
   Clothing Project

Through the generous hearts of our contribution team, SourcePoint Global Outreach has been able to provide numerous boxes of warm clothing to Tibetan refugee children at the Tibetan Children's Village in India

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- Solar Cooker Project

Through this project, 42 solar cookers were provided for households in Ragongma and Dzelangtang Villages. The goal of this project was to greatly reduce women's labor as well as that of school-aged children, to protect the forests, and prevent further environmental degradation.

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- The SourcePoint Practice

A free, worldwide distribution of one of the most simple yet effective methods for reducing stress, creating optimal health and empowering the heart. Download the SourcePoint Practice free of charge for distribution in schools, hospitals, meditation centers, health resorts, etc. Using the SourcePoint Pratice people will gain access to their most important and valuable resource - the Heart.

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- EMF Assessment and Remediation Services
A Local Community Project

Over 8,000 scientific studies have been published documenting the negative effect of man-made electromagnetic pollution on our health. A local community project providing basic EMF assessment and remediation services for making one's home, school or workplace a safer and more healthy environment.

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