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Solar Light Project

Through our Solar Light Project we provide quality solar powered flashlights to humanitarian organizations and to villages in developing countries without access to electricity for adequate or healthy lighting. These excellent solar lights are a safe, clean, efficient, and environmentally responsible form of illumination.

To help break the cycle of poverty, people must have unlimited and inexpensive access to information, access to education, and access to light wherever and whenever they need it. Providing these solar powered torches, we are making a positive impact by bringing clean, efficient, renewable, and affordable light to the developing world.

At this time, 10/26/2012, a total of 2,236 solar powered flashlights have been provided free of charge to the organizations and villages below. You may click on the links to view inspiring photos of the distribution of the solar lights.

- Tsum Welfare Committee located in Kathmandu. Please click the link below to view photos and distribution report.

Photos: Tsum Welfare Committee in Kathmandu, Nepal.

- Art4Aid Organization distributed solar lights to the Maasai people in the village of Entasekera in East Africa.

Photos: Carlo Zande from Art4Aid in Entasekera village in East Africa.

- SMILE Project located in Laos. Please click the links below to view photos from solar light distributions to villages and hand written 'thank you' letters from the monks.

Photos: SMILE Project, Ban Hadjan, Mueng Ngoi, Luang Prabang Province, Lao P.D.R.

Photos: SMILE Project, Ban Khokphou, Nga District, Luang Prabang Province, Lao P.D.R.

- Tibetan Children's Village located in India. Please click the link below to view photos and reports.

Photos: Tibetan Children's Village, Hanley (Ladakh, India)

- Shem Women's Group located In Tibet/China. Click on the links below to view photos of the distribution of solar lights to the various villages. Be sure to read the translations of the thank you letters from the villages, they are incredibly heart-warming!

Organization volunteers receiving our shipment of solar lights
Erdi Village
Metog Lungwa Sholma Village
Jialaxi Township
Waku Village
Tiegai Township
Rdo Sbis Township
Xindu Township
Mkhar Sgng Township
Nor‘ur Village
Tanshan Ling Township
Mani che’chor Village
Duowa Village
Gongba Village
Dorze Village
Stong Che Village
Gser Lung and Rga Mkhr Villages
Gon Chen Village
Lo Rta Village
Somba Village

- Living Compassion for their Africa Vulnerable Children Project. Please click the link below to view photos.

Photos: Living Compassion project in Zambia, Africa.

- Village 2 Village Project, for their work with orphans in Serere, Uganda, Africa.

Photos: Village2Village Project in Africa.

- The San Damiano Foundation, for supporting their work of producing powerful documentary films which bring benefit to the poor.

- Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, for the Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery she founded in India.

- Botshabelo Community Development Trust located in South Africa.

- Dr. Steven Boyer of Green Village Schools in Portland, OR for his work of building schools in the villages of Afghanistan.

- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for their volunteers working in the field.

- The Circle of Children Village School: Connecting Earth's children to the natural world.

Click here for larger and incredibly precious photos from the solar light project in India and Tibet/China


Most people do not realize that in the developing world, 2 billion people (1/3 of the global population) still do not have access to electricity; to clean, safe, affordable light. Sub-Saharan Africa, with a population of about 350 million people, has the lowest levels of electrification in the world, where 9 out of 10 people do not have electricity. There are people living in villages around the world who still rely primarily on kerosene lanterns, candles, and single-use battery powered flashlights for light at night.

These types of light are expensive, dangerous, and harmful to the environment. They also have a negative impact upon people's health, education, and security. Kerosense is costly, a fire hazard, and the fumes from the lanterns are highly toxic, especially for women and children who spend more time in enclosed spaces where the fumes are concentrated. Single use batteries are also costly and are toxic to the environment when discarded. In addition, candles do not provide enough light for a child to study by.

Many children must work long hours during the day, engaged in farming, chores, or crafts for their family. Even if children are able to attend school, without light at night they can never do their homework or study. This lack of education is what can have the largest long term effect on a country.

A solar light can provide an opportunity for children to read and study at night. This is crucial for education in developing countries where most children spend all day working to support their families and can only study at night. These solar lights also benefit the elderly, as well as farmers who need to tend their animals or irrigation at nightime. A rechargeable solar light of this nature is a priceless tool for those who live without electricity.

Hybrid Light Company

Our sincere thanks goes to the Hybrid Light Company for providing these excellent solar lights for our project at only $5.00 each. The Hybrid Light Company also made an additional and generous contribution of 20 free solar lights to assist our September 2008 shipment of solar lights to Shem Women's Group.

Assist the Solar Light Project

Please consider offering a tax deductible contribution to the Solar Light Project of Naljor Prison Dharma Service. This project is a very simple and profound humanitarian service, providing free solar powered flashlights to humanitarian organizations and to the poor in developing countries.

At a cost of $5.00 per solar flashlight, a small contribution of only $20 will provide solar lights for 4 families. A $100 contribution will provide solar lights for 20 families!

With your generous assistance we will provide these excellent solar powered flashlights to those who most benefit from them and we will continue to locate new organizations to partner with in our Solar Light Project.

If you would like to assist the Solar Light Project with a contribution, you may send a check or money order (made out to Naljor Prison Dharma Service - Solar Light Project) to the address below. Or you may call directly and use your credit card for a safe, secure contribution. You may also use the secure Paypal donation links located on the side and bottom of this page.

All contributions are tax deductible. Naljor Prison Dharma Service is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization registered with the IRS. 100% of your contribution goes to the Solar Light Project.

Solar Flashlight Information:

This eco-conscious wonder of a flashlight has a small solar panel embedded in the handle. It never needs replacement batteries, it is highly durable and waterproof up to 80 feet, provides up to 16 hours of light on a single 8 hour charge from sunlight, can be stored in a drawer or cupboard for 3 years and still be ready to use with a full charge. These solar flashlights can be recharged by the sun over and again for years!

Brief report from Tsomo Jyid of Shem Women's Group in Tibet from her journey to Erdi Village, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, to provide the solar powered flashlights we sent to their organization:

"With the name list in my hand, I headed out visiting each family, interviewed each of them for a short time and taught them how to use the flashlight. I also demonstrated how solar flashlights are different from regular battery powered flashlights. By distributing the flashlights, I learned that flashlights are essential for Erdi villagers due to their inconvenient electricity supplement. I found it especially benefitted the old people and shepherds in Erdi village, because in this case whenever they want to go out the flashlight will come on handy for it doesn't need battery and can be powered by sunlight. In addition, these flashlights were also good for those farmers among the Erdi people. Sometimes if they want to go out irrigating their farmland during night the flashlight will definitely do a lot of help. Above all the villagers were very happy with it."

Unedited version of a "thank you" letter to Naljor Prison Dharma Service from the Erdi Village government:

"Dear The donor, Today through Tsomo Jyid we received the solar flashlights that are the same as the sun itself. Besides that it has many features as it is small, bright and will come in handy whenever we need them. Its quality is also reliable, and it is very easy for us to use. All in all, it benefits all the villagers, especially those elders that who are not capable of moving around in the darkness. Here Erdi Village government of Erdi Township will represent all the families to say thank you to all of you. Later we hope your concern, kindness and helps will still come to us.

Thanks sincerely!"

Please click here to view larger and incredibly precious photos from the solar light project in India and Tibet/China

Please click on the donation
link below to assist the
Solar Light Project of
SourcePoint Global Outreach.

We thank you sincerely for your compassionate assistance!

Bright 40 lumen LED solar powered flashlight.
Solar panel in handle charges an internal
battery which never needs to be replaced.
Provides over 10 hours of light on one full
solar charge (8 hrs.). Waterproof, rugged,
and can be charged over and over for years.

Solar powered flashlights ready for shipping.

Solar lights provided to Living Compassion
Organization's Africa Vulnerable Children
Project in Zambia.

Project Manager, Tsomo Jyid of Shem
Women's Group hands out the solar
flashlights to the poorest people in Erdi
Village, Qinghai Province.

Solar flashlights provided to the
Village2Village Organization for their
work in Uganda, Africa.

Project Manager, Lumo Tsering of Shem
Women's Group gives a solar flashlight to a
woman in the Rdo Sbis Township. This woman
said many auspicious things to Lumo and to
the contributors of the Solar Light Project,
and thanked Lumo for doing good things
at her young age.

Project Manager Lumo Tsering of Shem
Women's Group provides solar flashlights
to the nuns from Amdo Rnga Byung
Mchod Rten Jomo Dgongpa Nunnery
in Qinghai Province.

Distribution of solar lights among 300
families of Chumchet Village Development
in Nepal by Tsum Welfare Committee.

Project Manager, Lumo Tsering of Shem
Women's Group is explaining to the nuns how
to use and charge the solar flashlights.

Volunteer with the organization People for
the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) using
a solar flashlight to locate a lost animal.

This man's name is Stag Lha Tar. Tsomo Jyid
of Shem Women's Group was visiting
while he was sick. Here she is explaining
the solar flashlight project to him.

Solar lights arriving in Ladakh, India for the
Tibetan Children's Village.

This boy is studying in primary school in
the Township, 5 kilometers away from the
village. On the way to school there is no
electricity; therefore he is one of the
beneficiaries who receive a solar
flashlight from Shem Women's Group.

Some excited kids with their new solar
flashlights, provided to Village2Village
Organization for their work in Uganda, Africa.

This woman's name is Byams Pa Skyid, she
is 65 years old. Tsomo Jyid from Shem
Women's Group visits her when she is
alone at home and shows her how to
use the solar flashlight.

The project manager, Tsomo Jyid of Shem
Women's Group is teaching some village
women how to use the solar flashlight
and explains to them how it
works without batteries.

Tsomo, from Shem Women's Group,
explaining how to use the solar flashlight
to a village woman.

Project manager, Rinchen Jyi, from Shem
Women's Group, is going to distribute the solar
flashlights to the local people in Metog
Lungma Sholma village one at a time.

After receiving her solar flashlight, Drolma
Tserang was so happy she could not say
anything. Her husband came and gave many
thanks. He said that before, the family used
an oil-lamp to drive sheep and goats home
at night when they came home very late.
Now he says that his family doesn't need to
risk the dangers of causing a fire at night.

This person's name is Sterin, he is 22 years old.
He was thankful that he fortunately received
a flashlight. His family's living condition has
not been good since his father died years
ago. He is signing his name on the paper
for the solar light distribution.

This beneficiary's name is Lhamo drolma.
She is 51 years old and the mother of five
children. Rinchen Jyi of Shem Women's
Group is demonstrating how to use the
solar flashlight. Lhamo Drolma is very
happy and grateful to receive one.

Here are the nuns, from Dongyu Gatsal Ling
Nunnery in India, showing their solar flashlights.
Heather, who works with this organization,
sent an email saying: "I have sat in on pujas
with the nuns when there was no power,
and they read the texts and the words of the
pujas by the light of the solar torches,
so they are very well used."

Tsomo Jyid of Shem Women's Group
gives a solar flashlight to Sgrol Ma;
she is the bride of this family.